Happy Holidays!

Since I'm a dope, I worked on getting a quick...I say quick but it took me long than I'd like to admit to get done, holiday pic! There's no Xmas in Journey to the Skyland but doing this pic did make me think of some festive holidays that might be in their world. I don't have anything solid but just some random thoughts that made me happy to have. Anyway, everyone you have a great holiday, whatever you celebrate. Merry Xmas from myself and I hope you all get some good rest, time with family and friends. Give your parents a big hug if you can. Comic is going on hiatus till January 7th to leave the holidays more open for my family and hanging with them. I'll very likely still be working on the comic to make more pages as a buffer but not updating till the 7th. Why then? I got my birthday on the 5th to fit in there~.