A tough as nails sharkgirl who has exiled herself from society because of her past as a witch. She wants to do good but it seems many won’t let her escape her actions.

Despite this, she still tries to help folks who are in trouble.

After her shack was destroyed she decided to help Cora get back home- maybe there’s a new future for her in the Skylands.

A young lizard girl who has taken over her parent’s shop while they’re away! Well, the inventing and assembling cars of it anyway! Cora is excitable, loves to create but lazy around the responsibility department.

Which is why she has her robot friend Blip to help with responsibilities and her sister Rhea to help with business.

She was exiled from the Skylands because of the actions of Berry and she’s on a journey to get back home.

A robot built by Cora’s mother & father designed to assist Cora & Rhea.
However, he’s a bit TOO life like as he often seems to lose focus and has been found to only really be good for keeping Cora company and basic chores. . . Sometimes.

Blip wasn’t exiled but stowed away in the balloon Cora was in because he wants to be with his best friend.

City of Platzhalter

He is the mayor of the city of Platzhalter on the Skyland.

He’s often confused, worried about the bottom line and if the cookie jar is filled. Some say he doesn’t know what he’s doing but he’s doing his best and nothing has exploded. …Some also think that’s all because of his assistant, Lulu. But who can be sure?

Lulu is the assistant to Mayor Bump. She confidently takes charge while the mayor assesses the situation, silently.

She’s confident, tall, strong and kinda seems evil… But she promises that she is certainly, not evil to the newspapers.

Port Korelai

A stern and inexperienced leader that had the an unfortunate reason from being promoted from lieutenant to captain of the guard in port Korelai. The guards of the city of Korelai went missing leaving no ranking officers and only 2 cadets.

He wasn’t happy with his promotion but did his best to stop the pirates infiltrating the city.

A cadet in the guards, Dana is a young, inexperienced girl who’s looking for action! She joined the guard in the hope to become a knight of the empire. She’s doing her best to live up to her parent’s expectations- which is not easy given they are knighted aristocrats.

Dana threw this all away when she felt Arlie was being mistreated after helping save Port Korelai.

Another cadet in the guard in the city of Port Korelai. York or “Yip” as his fellow guardsman nicknamed him joined the guards after retiring as a butler at Dana’s parent’s manor.

Strange that he joined up JUST after retiring, huh?

A shop keeper in the city of Port Korelai who customer service ethic can be described as “Get off my lawn”.

She’s got a rough disposition but genuinely cares for the city and the folks around her. When Duke couldn’t convince Mayor Carbone that there were pirates infiltrating the city she decide to assist with her arguably aggravating alliterative tendencies.

Despite having her store burned down by Arlie years ago, she decided to help when she found how bad Arlie has had it in life and how she was desperate to change for the better. She knew she would be a good help to getting Cora & Blip home.

The mayor can be a rough position, however when your position is rough because you decided to sell out your city to pirates for money, pirates who drove out your city guard and then betrayed you?

Your name may just be Benjamin Carbone.

All of this was overlooked when he put all of the blame on Arlie after she, Cora, Blip, Dana and Yip saved him and his city.

You’ll be unsurprised to hear he sleeps well at night after doing all of this.

Trésor Orphelin

Captain of the Trésor Orphelin, Francois is a large and powerful captain who wields a literal anchor for a boat.

He named his ship after his goal, to rescue orphans of society. People lost in life, estranged from family, freed slaves are welcomed aboard his ship and given a new home.

Francois lives by a strict code of the sea, which can get you on his bad side. Especially if you ambush him in the bathroom- or beat the guy who did that before he could.

He was orphaned at a young age and adopted by “Gram”.

Francois’s adopted sister, an inventor and tinkerer, she created the Trésor Orphelin.

She’s a determined and confident woman who knows what she wants and will do what ever it takes to get it. Domino isn’t the type to fight but she will will not hesitate to take action.

Her family’s history is a mystery; at the age of 8 she was found by Francois and asked “Gram” to adopt her too. Making them brother and sister and later building the ship that would carry on this tradition.




A mysterious rogue that showed up at Platzhalter and caused all sorts of trouble for Cora and the other citizens.

Her goal to steal the Core Xel from the chamber in Heiligtum remains a mystery, but showed no care despite if she had succeeded it would have been the end for millions of people on the Skyland.

Now she seems to have her eyes on Cora. . .

A swear-y pirate as devious as he is dim, he and his crew nearly took over Port Korelai. After bribing Mayor Carbone he drove out or killed the guards that were in his way of getting what he wanted- the ship, Trésor Orphelin.

He took Captain Francois hostage in an attempt to get his sister Domino to hand over their special ship.

He was driven out of Port Korelai and is still at large.