A tough as nails sharkgirl who has exiled herself from society because of her past as a witch. She wants to do good but it seems many won’t let her escape her actions.

Despite this, she still tries to help folks who are in trouble.

A young lizard girl who has taken over her parent’s shop while they’re away!
Well, the inventing and building parts of it anyway! Cora is excitable, loves to create but lazy around the responsibility department.

Which is why she has her robot friend Blip to help her with life and her sister Rhea to help with business.

A robot built by Cora’s mother & father designed to assist Cora & Rhea.
However, he’s a bit TOO life like as he often seems to lose focus and has been found to only really be good for keeping Cora company and basic chores. . . Sometimes.

Other Characters!

He is the mayor of Platzhalter on the Skyland.

He’s often confused, worried about the bottom line and if the cookie jar is filled. Some say he doesn’t know what he’s doing but he’s doing his best and nothing has exploded. …Some also think that’s all because of his assistant, Lulu, but who can be sure?


Lulu is the assistant to Mayor Bump. She confidently takes charge while the mayor assesses the situation silently.

She’s confident, tall, strong and kinda seems evil… But she promises that she is certainly, not evil to the newspapers.