Journey to the Skyline is an action comic starring Cora, Blip and Arlie on a journey to save the Skylands from a plot to steal the cores that keep them in the sky!

Cora is a young lizard girl who works at her parent’s car shop, with her robot buddy Blip; where they make and create cars for people on the Skyland of Heiligtum. She wants to help the ever crowding Skyland but is exiled to the land below instead because of Berry- a thief who somehow snuck onto the Skyland to steal the Core Xel that keeps the floating island in the sky!

Cora meets Arlie, a tough as nails shark girl who’s troubled past made her isolate herself in the woods. Arlie has sworn off casting magick to atone for her past mistakes but also sees a second chance by helping Cora get back home.

A home that may not be there if they don’t find out who is trying to steal Core Xel from the Skylands.

Join them in an adventure to save the Skylands!

Comic, credits, site info & legal:
Journey to the Skyline is a indie comic series by Mike Girardin.
Writing assistance by George Rottkamp.
All fonts used in the comic are licensed from “Comiccraft” Fonts & Blambot.

Please do not repost comic pages or art, instead use links to share the comic please so people know where to go!

Journey to the Skyline, characters, logo & series are © 2018 Mike Girardin.