Journey to the Skyline Issue 03 Journey to the Skyline Issue 04
Cora managed to get into a mystic place with a giant rock monster guarding the contents. With Berry easily being defeated what will Cora do?! Arlie meanwhile deals with her own sea based trouble. . . On land.

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Arlie arrives at the city trying to replace her fishing rod but things escalate quickly.

Cora is in her own world of trouble, what is she going to do with Berry right there with her!?

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Journey to the Skyline Issue 01

Journey to the Skyline Issue 02

Where it all starts! Cora & her robot buddy Blip got for a ‘test run’ with her new mech.

Things don’t go as planned and they find themselves in trouble.

Also a Shark girl runs into bear trouble, probably not important…Maybe.

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It’s not even the next day and trouble starts up again! Cora and Blip chase a mysterious stranger!

Arlie deals with monsters that only appear at night.

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Journey to the Skyline is a full color, adventure/comedy comic by Mike Girardin started in 04/30/2018. Updates happen every Thursday unless it’s a holiday week.
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